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Mountain G.O.A.T

Mountain G.O.A.T

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Coffee Roasting - To ensure our coffee is of the highest quality, orders will be sent on a Wednesday and Friday.

Strength - 3

Blend Type - Single Origin

Inspired by the 'Polka Dot Jersey' of the Tour De France, our Mountain G.O.A.T single origin bean comes from the high altitudes of Columbia. 

Colombian Supremo Coffee is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and rich flavour profile. Grown in the breath-taking landscapes of Colombia, this coffee is cultivated at high altitudes, contributing to its unique characteristics, and distinguishing it as one of the finest coffee varieties in the world.

The coffee beans used to produce Mountain G.O.A.T are grown in altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level. These high-altitude regions offer optimal conditions for coffee cultivation, including a cooler climate, ample rainfall, and nutrient-rich volcanic soil. These factors combine to create an environment that produces coffee beans with exquisite Flavours, exceptional acidity, and a well-rounded body.


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