Velo Espresso

Our brand isn't just about sipping coffee; it's about celebrating the journey, the destination, plus every exhilarating moment in between.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or simply a coffee enthusiast, Velo Espresso invites you to kick-start your day with a brew that's as dynamic and adventurous as the open road.

Come, let's journey together— one sip, one pedal at a time.

Watts in your coffee - for cyclist, our power is measured in watts.

Coffee Love

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Coffee is not just 'coffee'! The care and attention that goes into the process to get into the position for us to sit down and enjoy is hugely overlooked.

Did you know, A coffee plant takes about 5 years from planting before it will produce beans. It will then go on to produce ~1KG of beans per year. Thats 6 years of hard work, nurture from farmers before we can sit down and enjoy our beverage!

Think twice about 'Watts In Your Coffee'!

Founder - Phil Large

Coffee Lover - Flat White #1

Cyclist - Category 1 Road Racer


Co-Founder - Ralph

Biscuit Lover - Any

Backpack Cyclist - Category 1 Sniffs


Impact The World Positively - Sustainability, Recyclable and pedal your bike more.

Give Care - From the donations we make for every pack sold, to lending a fellow cyclist you lend your pump.

Team Work - From Working with our farmers & their communities to the mid week cycle club chain gang.